Modern kitchen palette election

Check some of these things to realize a modern kitchen.

Material shiny

Most of the kitchen appliances such as a stove, refrigerator and oven, made of polished stainless steel. If you want to confirm the impression of modern shelter, you can use a similar material in other kitchen elements. For example, using iron-legged chair, mirror coatings as back-splash (the back wall of the cabinet), and shelves or displays made from metal. However, make sure that the material has been coated stainless materials for the kitchen area also is wet.

Modern kitchen palette election
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Contemporary with a solid color

You can still apply the colors of your favorite modern kitchen. For example in the kitchen cabinet or other accessory. Choose bright intensity of your favorite color, so it looks dense and solid. Bright colors will appear in contrast with the gleaming kitchen equipment, so that the kitchen looked contemporary.

Simple with wood

Shiny kitchen appliances do not require you to apply modern concepts in the space. You can simplify the display kitchen using kitchen set the main material of wood. Kitchen set is identical with a kitchen timber is simple and traditional. Apply anyway pastel colors to further soften the look of your kitchen, though filled with modern equipment.

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