Organizing space with the maximum

Organizing space with the maximum. Limitations of forcing people to seek and create a lot of ways to make his wish come true. So even in meeting the needs of the different room in the house.

These needs sometimes can not be avoided and more urgent every time.

For example, when children get older, the self-contained bedroom may not be dispensed.

Modifications to any space and can be done in the process, you realize a lot of space can be maximized its use.

Therefore, it is important to realize the space into a functional and not wasteful, especially for homes with limited area.

There are many ways to try to make it more leverage at the same time meet the needs. Anything? Try the following ways!

Organizing space with the maximum

Organizing space with the maximum

  • Transfer enables the use of space in the house.However, if you are still an early stage in the process of designing or buying a home, make sure not to plan spaces that really are not needed.Consider whether the living room or family room should be separated? Should the foyer and the living room? Conversely, if the house has been bought, but need additional space, change the function of a space that is not overused.
  • A space should not have only one function.To save and maximize its use, just unite two or more of these functions.The living room can also be used as a gathering place for the family or living room cum dining room.

    Set well in order to keep the room looking neat and avoid putting a lot of furniture that is not necessary.

  • In order not to feel claustrophobic, the room does not need to be sealed.Permanent bulkhead can actually make the room feel cramped and the activity becomes freely.If you still want to use, design and utilize the existing furniture in the house as a replacement bulkhead.

    Shelving, storage, or tables can be barriers that look natural in the room. It could also install a curtain so that the limit could be created.

  • In homes with a limited use of furniture should be minimized so that the space still leaves a lot of space.It could also, use furniture that can transform or change shape. In addition to saving space, the furniture still needs to be fulfilled.We have had a lot of furniture that can be stored or folded.

    The mattress can be placed on the wall when not in use; the mattress can be used as a sofa, a chair that can be converted into a table or a coffee table into a dining table.

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