Planting Plants with How Reversed

Planting Plants with How Reversed. Want a new look of the plants in the house? When planting in pots in the normal way is not enough, try planting vegetation reverse way! Inverted mean that the plant is under the pot.

And then, place the pot by hanging.

Planting Plants with How Reversed

Planting Plants with How Reversed

Planting Plants with How Reversed

In other countries this method is called by the name of upside-down methods.

As the name implies, the plant is grown above and below the pot.

The goal, in addition to look lush and gorgeous, if a plant dies, you can still hope in other plants.

However, if worried about growth, simply planting at the bottom.

With a plant that appears on the bottom of the pot, garden at home can look more unique and interesting.

Generally, this method is used to grow tomatoes and cucumbers.

This is based on the force of gravity which is usually against the development of tomato.

With planted hanging down, is expected to spur growth.

Planting in this way also brings other advantages, such as more humid plants because the water reaches the leaves faster.

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In addition, making the plant will naturally grow facing the sun.

This method also makes the treatment, such as the activity view, monitor, or trim the plants easier.

Then, how could plants protruding from the bottom? The trick is to pierce the bottom of the container plants.

Overseas has been sold specifically for planting media by this method and thus no longer a hole in the pot.

However, actually using this method does not need the hard way.

You can also use bottles or existing ordinary pot.

To bottle, cut into two and use the top that has a lid.

As for the pot that has not been perforated, holes in the bottom.

No needs are great and adjust the size of the plant.

Enter the plant into a container with a reverse way and then remove the leaves through the hole. In other words, the roots of the plants are in pots.

Afterwards, you can add soil or other planting medium on top of it.

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For plants, select the still small so it is not difficult to remove the stem or leaves through the hole.

However, if you want to move the plant that is large enough, be careful so that the leaves and roots of plants are not damaged.

Then, hanging plants and highlight methods used upside down.

Note also the material and durability chains, ropes or hooks mounted.

Plants were ready to beautify the look of the house!

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