Protect the House with Lisplang

Protect the House with Lisplang. In accordance with its function, the roof is a protector of the house or building along with all its contents, where the roof has various components forming.

One of the components is the lisplang, or the slats mounted on the top of the building.

Lisplang has its own functions, both in terms of aesthetics and from a technical standpoint of the building.

Aesthetically, lisplang is used to make the roof look tidy and the overall building looks more attractive.

Even lisplang also become one of the components in traditional houses from various regions, where usually lisplang custom homes have carvings or motifs according to their respective philosophy.

Protect the House with Lisplang

From a technical point of view, lisplang has a variety of functions such as: as a roofing holder, retaining wooden roof truss so as not to shift, covering a series of wood roof truss, protecting houses from animals that can infiltrate through the roof (eg: bats, birds, rats, , and become a place for guttering.

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Its position which is located on the outside of the building requires lisplang to be strong and durable in various weather and environmental conditions.

Lisplang is expected to not easily weathered due to rain or termites, strong and strong to hold the roof structure also faces the wind during heavy rains, and still look beautiful and interesting to see to always be the pride of homeowners.

Generally lisplang made of wood and aluminum, but now many choices of materials used for lisplang, for example uPVC, vinyl, and calcium silicate boards.

Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, which should be considered by the landlord before making a decision for his or her home.

Instead of using more vulnerable and more expensive wood, RB Fascia from ROYALboard has good resistance to moisture, mold, and termites that often occur in the rainy season.

RB Fascia from ROYALboard is made from a mixture of silica sand and cement, with cellulose fibers as reinforcement.

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With the high-temperature Autoclave process, RB Fascia causes a small shrinkage, also sturdy and impact resistant.

Another advantage lies in its nature that does not deliver fire, so it does not produce toxic fumes if burned.

RB Fascia has two texture variants, namely Teak (plain) and Walnut (wood fiber). In addition, RB Fascia has 3 variants of width and 5 variants of peripheral profile.

In addition to RB Fascia, other ROYALboard products are RB Classic that can be easily applied as wall, partition, and ceiling of the house; RB Cornice that can be applied to ceiling plint, and RB Skirting that can be applied for floor plint.

All ROYALboard products can be painted to your liking, as they can be applied to various styles of home design, from minimalist, classic, to modern.

With proper material selection and good planning, your home will always be protected and look attractive in the rainy season.

Congratulations to beautify your favorite home

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