Rearrange the living room with an attractive design character

Rearrange the living room with an attractive design character. The family room (living room) is a gathering place for family and active together. Because of that, create a comfortable living room. Choose the appropriate utility room furnishings, from sofas, stools, coffee tables, side tables, table lamps, standard lamps, rugs, curtains, to accessories.

Before rearranging the living room, first ask yourself, what purpose the creation of living room for your family. Five points will help you find a character living room according to the needs of your family.

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Rearrange the living room with an attractive design character

  • Should there living room? Living room today is a family sitting room, is no longer considered the reception area.
  • The atmosphere looks like what you want? If you or some families hobbies are reading, library-like atmosphere more appropriate. When you love to travel, perhaps the atmosphere of resort-style living room can be an inspiration.
  • How often are you with your family? The answer will determine how many sofas or chairs needed. Your habits and family also be authorized to choose the type of seating (formal or informal).
  • Is also used as a children’s playroom? If yes, choose furniture that is not sharp and blunt-ended to be safe.
  • Should electronic devices? Is sitting room as well as a workspace?
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If you already know the character of the family living room is needed, start rearranging. Carefully note the selection of coffee tables, rugs, window curtains, and lighting or the type of lamps used.

Lighting / Lamps

The simplest way to provide symmetrical light effects on the living room is to place a table lamp on one or both ends of a sofa on the table side or behind the sofa on the console. The combination of a table lamp and a lamp stand / standard produces excellent light distribution in the room. You can also use the chandelier. Type chandelier gives the impression of elegance to the room and strengthen the dimensions of space.


Curtain models curtains which hung on the rail ends are very unconventional and dramatic. For the small house with limited space, use models roller blind because it looks neat and practical. The natural light that can penetrate the roller blind, to bring beautiful shadows that enrich the soul room.

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Avoid using carpet that filled the room (wall to wall). The carpet with a decorative edge / border will look traditional. If you want a more modern, choose plain or patterned carpet symmetrical, lines, and boxes.

Coffee table

The high standard of the coffee table between 30-50 cm. The lower the coffee table, the more modern look. The ideal length coffee table is 1/2 – 2/3 of the length of the sofa. Create a coffee table placement distance of about 40 cm from the couch so that there is still sufficient space for legs. Shape coffee table is round, square, or rectangular with fitted storage space underneath is very attractive and functional.

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