Reasons to Select New Homes

Reasons to Select New Homes. When buying a house surely you will be faced with a number of options, among others, determine the location, infrastructure support in locations around, until the selection of new or used home.

Between used and new houses, each has its advantages and disadvantages value. Let’s just say the Former-house. Usually located in a strategic area with a fairly complete infrastructure around the residence. Minus? Its design is outdated!

So how does the new house? Currently new home offers more advantages than the new homes were sold ten years back.

Reasons to Select New Homes

Here are 8 reasons why many home buyers who prefer to buy a new home to live in.

Design your dream home that fits your style

Why be satisfied with the choices of others when you can create a beautiful bathroom, kitchen sets, lighting, flooring, and other options that you like?

After that you can also customize your own by choosing cabinets, desks, furniture, and carpets to suit your taste. Remember, your new home should reflect your style, not someone else.

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Select the floor plan and layout of the space you need

Want main bedroom upstairs? Up to you. Want high ceilings and luxurious resort-style? Please. Want to have a reading room while napping? Can.

Everything can be realized when you create a spatial master-plan to suit your needs.

Everything is new and still under warranty

If you buy a used house is full furnished, quality furniture was usually tend to be less well and may have to be replaced immediately.

Instead of building a new home – and also the furniture – certainly is the latest and still under warranty. You do not want to expend the budget again to replace the roof, furniture, tables or the water heater in a former mansion, right ?!

Save energy and money

New homes today are much more energy efficient than homes built five years ago. Especially when compared to houses built ten or 20 years ago.

Do not be satisfied if there is only air that enters through the window of the panel? Today, many new homes with double window pane, even up to three panels.

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Special paneled windows with a layer of glass between the new home certainly friendly to climate change so as to save more energy and money.

Comfort and indoor air quality

A new home is now mostly built to rigorous standards. For example combines energy efficiency with artistry on ventilation and air filtration. As a result, comfort and indoor air quality better.

Low maintenance

Now new cars are designed by computer. That’s what causes the performance is much more reliable than cars aged 15 or 20 years. So did the house.

The new houses now have an open space and high ceilings that reflect the way we live today. In addition, low-maintenance and maintenance.

Comfort of a complex

Many new residential building activity centers for residents with resort-style, there is a pool, clubhouse too.

There was even a new housing complex which has a jogging track, open land safely, and the best part of the school or shopping center near (or even inside) the complex of your new home.

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Materials and design of the building is designed as safe as possible for example to minimize the impact of fires, floods, and even earthquakes. In addition, of course, a contributing factor for the environment as a security guard or a security card access. Source

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