Renovate based on house age

Renovate based on house age. House renovation process is highly dependent on the age and quality of the construction work itself. Below is the process of renovating the house with quality standards.

Renovate based on house age
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House for 1 years

Usually not much damage so that renovations could only be repainting the walls in sections starting to look dull, peeling, or moss.

House for 5 years

  1. Painting over the entire wall of the building, both outside and inside, including doors, windows, and list-plank (frame doors and windows).
  2. Improvements to the roof and wall connections that can potentially cause leaking since begins to crack.
  3. Checking the condition of the tile of a potential leak or rupture, and ceilings that may be damaged due to water splashed.

House for 10 years

Renovation needed as renovation of buildings aged 5 years plus some renovations, such as:

  1. Checking the condition of the horses and termite other parts of the building made of wood may begin attacked by termites.
  2. Check some parts of the house that usually have to be replaced with a new start, for example: water faucet, roofing made of fiberglass, the parts of the wood exposed directly to heat and rain.
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House for 20 years

Just like the house renovation building age of 10 years plus the renovation work as follows:

  1. Besides being damaged, certain parts of the building also had to be replaced because of the design of the start date, for example, doors and windows, fences, pergolas, ceilings, bathrooms and equipment.
  2. At this stage, it could be done with it changes in appearance or facade of the building.

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