Renovate House with New Concept

Renovate House with New Concept. The house shelters us all, of course, must still look beautiful, well maintained and also has a design that is not boring and follow the trend of existing home designs. But sometimes becomes an obstacle is what should be considered and taken into account when you decide to redesign your home.

Renovate House with New Concept

Renovate House with New Concept

We will give you some hints and steps that you can give you some examples and step in redesigning your residential home.

1. Reasons you to redesign your homework

There are several reasons that your goal to get a change in the design of the house. As an example because it wanted to acquire assets around the home environment, many want the specification, the local community and the region as well as the price of a dwelling. Shape, mass or bulk of your home that is almost irrelevant.

2. Consider choosing an architect

Considering an architect is a good step for you to do, the services of architects themselves can be consulted at every hour. By this they can provide an overview of the plan that you want to do that is to redesign your home.

3. Hire an architectural design.

For those of you who want to redesign your home, especially the kitchen, you can use the expertise of a designer kitchen. Hiring the services of a designer kitchen is also still relatively friendly and also very cost effective and have a lot of experience and knowledge about kitchen design.

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4. Consultation with a qualified contractor

To get a proper and correct advice, then you have to do is get one or more suggestions in the early stages of the redesign of your dwelling. In addition, talk also about the price and the funds, so you can get started with mature without having surprised with a price that is too high when you want to start the renovation of the house.

5. Contacting a mortgage adviser

This is useful so that you can determine the qualifications you need to renovate your home again. In addition, avoid refinancing complexity and also have a lawyer available.

6. Focus on reducing energy costs

Generally happens to housing is old or older have a wall, attic and foundation already fragile. You can start by replacing the wooden windows of your house with steel material that looks more luxurious and more powerful. The next step is to increase the height of the ceiling of your house and also a window above the door as circulation to make it run properly. You can also plant some shade trees, which aims to reduce the installation of air conditioning in your home.

7. Consider adding a room

In the old house or old, typically do not have a room where a get together with family and friends. With the development of the era you, it has a room that is used for the gathering place is indeed necessary.

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8. Design your kitchen for maximum storage of minimum fees

To obtain a storage area in the kitchen area, you may consider using an experienced kitchen designer with a myriad of ideas. Stick to the original shape of the kitchen and do not need to change everything and also avoid to create or provide a new storage space in the kitchen area.

You can still use a variety of old kitchen furniture for a while until you can buy a new furniture. Meet the needs of your kitchen counter with a wide choice of materials which you can choose and laminate counter top with a variety of plastic coating materials are available in many beautiful colors, varied and well priced. To counter the selection of other coating materials, you can also try the material quartz, granite and stone kitchen is also still relatively cheap.

9. Update bathroom into a more modern

To bring a new look in the bathroom, you can install a master bath shower especially for areas that are in need of a redesign.

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A master bathroom of course requires closet and cabinets were good too.
Master closet is a choice of simple and inexpensive, and also use a double hook that you can use to hang towels or clothes and also prepare a drawer to store your bathrobe and towels.

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