Room improvement suggestions, before selling your home

Room improvement suggestions, before selling your home. When you intend to sell a house, of course, a lot of effort to do other than to advertise and wait for the prospective buyer to come.

Just a suggestion, that is very important to know which parts of the house that was first viewed or searched by potential buyers when visiting homes to be bought.

Surely there is some room in the house that usually it becomes a decisive part for prospective buyers to make a decision, whether the house is worth buying or not.

Room improvement suggestions, before selling your home

Here is a list of room as well as suggestions for improvements so that the house may look more attractive to prospective buyers.


Many prospective home buyers who think this room is very important. A large family usually looking for a large bathroom and feature a bathtub, while for active young couples are usually more interested in practical bathroom with shower.

Trim and clean the entire bathroom before prospective buyers arrive, make sure the room is in the best condition.

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This room is one room that is important for its function as a place to rest used since the night until morning. Because of that, of course, many prospective buyers who want a bedroom that feels comfortable and make relax.

Families who have children will normally be attracted to the spacious rooms that could put cots or bunk beds. So before prospective buyers arrive, make sure the new bed linens changed and no clothes scattered about.

Paint the room or changing room curtains are also suggested.


The kitchen is the heart of the home – especially for a large family. Usually, prospective buyers like this would look for a comfortable kitchen because they would spend more time in the room.

In contrast to the young couple who usually only see the practicality in use. If you want to make the kitchen sparkled try to clean the surface of the kitchen with baking soda and vinegar. Also re-paint the kitchen wall for a fresh look.

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Family room

This room is also the center of attention when a prospective buyer comes in, it is a place where they can chat and interact with the entire family. The place to watch TV, do homework, and others.

Make sure the family room does not look messy when prospective buyers come. Consider also whether there is stain attached to the sofa or carpet. Immediately clean with a special liquid.

The dining room

Parts of the house that is usually connects the kitchen and family room. Here is also the place to serve food and entertain the guests who visit. Usually, prospective buyers want a dining room both practical and comfortable viewing.

A large family is more like a dining room with a large dining table, while young couples prefer small table and a few pairs of seats. In order for the dining room look new, paint the walls of this room or replace the tile floor.

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