Room with Indirect Lighting

Room with Indirect Lighting. The lighting is very important in view of a space. With the lighting, the room can look more attractive or otherwise, becomes unpleasant.

To be more comfortable too, sometimes it takes more than one type of lighting.

One quite influential and give different effects are the use of indirect lighting (hidden lighting).

With these types of lighting, interior order room can look beautiful and the atmosphere became more dramatic.

Indirect lighting or indirect lighting is a technique for hiding Sumer visible light so that only glow.

The light source is placed behind an object or panel.

Room with Indirect Lighting

Generally, indirect lighting behind the panels used in televisions, ceiling, behind the headboard, wall, or even the stairs.

The light is directed to the ceiling of the house, the upper walls, or objects in front of it to be reflected back into the room.

Hence, the use of indirect lighting can reduce the efficiency of light reaching the surface of the object.

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However, the shortage is also the advantages that might be of interest more people to apply it in the house.

With such low intensity light, the light produced become finer so that the eye is not easy or quick glare tired.

However, at the same time can keep the room bright.

Mechanical indirect lighting is usually designed with a slit on the object to put the lights.

Adjust the extent of the anticipated size of the lamp and also enough space for your hands can be free during the installation process.

For the selection of the lamp itself, can use LED lighting strips, shaped like a flattened cord with tiny lights along its surface.

It could also, installing fluorescent light tube; the lamp has a long cylindrical tube-like shape.

How, interested in adding it at home?

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