Sculpturing plant “topiary”

Sculpturing plant “topiary”. Ornamental plants in the world there are a specific art form called the art of topiary. Topiary is the art work of the crop plant or commonly referred to carving or sculpturing crop plants. This art involves forming an ornamental plant into the shape of a figure of unique and creative by cutting plants.

Sculpturing plant

Sculpturing plant

In the past, topiary widely applied in buildings kingdom (castles) or large buildings and there is important throughout the world. However, along with development, now topiary has been heavily modified by the sculptor plants although still refer to the original form, especially for a round, like a hat.

The process of making topiary is not difficult but it requires great care, sensitivity, and patience. There is no limitation in the altitude range of topiary, provided that there is a balance between high (rods) and the size range of interest (plants). Art shape the plant or flower arrangement can be a work of art that is beautiful and elegant.

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