Several other functions of frame

Several other functions of frame. A frame it can be a creative medium. Photos can be presented in different ways so as to produce a unique look. So even with its use, the frame can also be used for other purposes. It takes only a trial and creativity.

Several other functions of frame

Several other functions of frame

Media Hanging Photo

Show photos in a new way that is more attractive, ie, by hanging it in a frame! However, to be like that, the necessary additions to the frame. First attach the rope to the frame, after which the images can be placed with a clamp. A beautiful photo gallery can also decorate the room.

White board from Frame

Frames can also be used as the framework for a small blackboard. In order to look more attractive frame, pairs of patterned paper behind it. A small scrap can be used on the desk.

Use Frame for Trays

When the rectangular frame, the frame can be used as a tray. If used an old frame, fix the zoom to be repainted. Then, fill the inside with patterned paper.

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Magnetic Fridge Frame

If you think it is impossible to make an ornament frame fridge, you are wrong because the frame can be installed and can even be very useful. Install the frame with magnet, after the frame can be placed in the refrigerator and used for scrap.

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