Some design concepts Cave Hotel

Some design concepts Cave Hotel“. The hotel stay is unique with a very interesting sight is certainly a dream for travelers who can easily become a reality.

However, when sleep surrounded by four walls, a mattress-sized or mini-bar are too easily found, it seems to stay in the cave can be a new choice.

In some countries there are hotels that offer the experience of staying in a cave. They sell luxury, beauty, comfort, until the eccentric shades. But all have the unique history and mystery different.

Stay in the cave has several advantages. Starting from not feel the damp air, cool temperatures and tranquility. There was absolutely no noise hubbub of the city.

Some design concepts Cave Hotel

Some design concepts Cave Hotel

Some design concepts Cave Hotel

Some design concepts Cave Hotel

Some design concepts Cave Hotel

Some cave hotel following some have been used as a filming location. Star Wars fan will fall in love with expensive hotel in Tunisia, while for the adrenaline hunters will love the Inn at Sala Silvermine because the hotel was at a depth of 500 feet.

Corte San Pierto, Italy

This cozy cave had everything needed by tourists looking for a holiday that is intimate and comfortable, including soaking for two people. The hotel rooms feature wall that displays beautiful, candles, great mattress, channel and flat, and even the Internet. Not only was the hotel Corte San Pierto also has a massage service. For one standard size rooms, the hotel offers ranging from US $ 275 per night.

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Grand Canyon Caverns, Arizona

Grand Canyon Caverns make attractive with ceilings as high as 21.3 meters. The caves were formed over 65 million years ago, and is located 67 meters below the earth’s surface, this property was claimed as a cave hotel “greatest, deepest, darkest, oldest and most quiet motel rooms in the United States”.

All rooms have many facilities including a luxurious bed, a couch, a kitchen and a bathroom. Every day, water was brought into the cave by the staff. But the best part of the hotel guests is the opportunity to explore the caves without meeting the crowds. The Underground Cave Suite can diinapi at a price of US $ 800 per night for two people.

Desert Cave Hotel, Australia

If you are looking for something spacious and secluded, the suite at the Desert Cave have space to play around with a high ceiling but also of having a calm, cool, dark but still feels airy. You can take a private tour to explore the area this hotel. The hotel can be found if you visit the area of Lake Eyre, the lowest point in Australia is about 50 feet below sea level. This underground room is opened starting at around US $ 160 per night.

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Cappadocian Cave Hotels, Turkey

Cappadocia Cave Hotel is located in the historic area in Central Anatolia, Nevsehir Province, Turkey. This area is famous for its stone buildings in the area Monks Valley. Travelers come here to explore the Bronze Age houses were built in the valley wall by the first cave dwellers, which is then used as a refuge in the early arrival of Christianity.

The Uchisar Cave Pansion offers hiking, horseback riding, hot-air balloon tours and bicycle tours. Other popular choices are Kismet Cave House in Goreme, known for its colorful rooms, Serinn House, a cave, a small inn, and Cappadocia Cave Suites decorations using crafts. Some rooms have a jacuzzi.

Sala Silvermine, Sweden

Sala Silvermine has been known as the hotel which is located at a depth of 500 feet below ground and can only be accessed via a small lift. No room service at this hotel. Even so, the luxury still felt in the room with silver-colored furniture design or a bottle of champagne as an aperitif greeter.

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Specialty cold and riveting is offered at a price of US $ 500 per night. TripAdvisor also has a five star value for this hotel. As the name suggests, Sala Silvermine used to be a mine that produces tons of silver, which is then used as an ingredient in coins in the early 20th century. Source

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