Some design ideas to raise the value of the property

Some design ideas to raise the value of the property. When planning to sell a home, most people will do a renovation that aims in order to boost the sale price. But according to experts real estate, a bit of renovation, as long as appropriate, may also boost its value.

This strategy, in addition to cheaper, as it only requires a small fee, of course it will also save you time and effort. Moreover, if you really intend to quickly sell them.

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As reported by And here are the tips from Jennifer Titus, real estate agents operating in Boston known as a competitive property market.

Make a great first impression

There is no better way to welcome guests than by decorating the chandelier. “It’s like candy for the eye, and the decor as it is able to brighten the space that is less likely to get a good decorating touches,” said Titus.

Change your bathroom

A right step to refresh the home is to replace the furniture in the bathroom were already using or are outdated with the latest products are more modern, minimalist, which is not a lot of eating places.

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“With these new products are now being flooded the market, other than the bathroom will look more beautiful will also be noticeably bigger, fresher, and more modern,” said Titus.

Remodel kitchen cabinets

“One of the highest investment returns with little cost by renovating a home is by painting the kitchen cabinets aesthetically changing times and not excessive,” said Titus.

His advice, use professional services for amateur painters could make these cabinets even be worse. To estimate the costs, most only 10 to 20 percent of the price of a new wardrobe.

Replace multiple devices

“In order to comply with current design trends, this step is necessary fee. But the renovation great investment to modernize the house is to replace multiple devices, “said Titus.

“It’s like wearing a simple T-shirt and jeans, but supported with cool shoes so as you well so looks cool,” said Titus. So just replace doorknobs, banisters, window trim, and the like fit current trends.

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House paint

Paint your home is the best way to freshen the interior. However, play was safe with your choice of colors.

“Cat neutral color can reflect light and make the room seem larger,” advises Titus. “And the color palette that one can also make the room look cramped. So choose the right color. “

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