Some easy care for indoor houseplants

Some easy care for indoor houseplants. houseplants have many benefits wherever placed, not least in the house. Such houseplants can clear the air and at the same time can be a beautiful decoration in the room. When you think to grow houseplants in space will be difficult, a fact not always like that. Because you need to do is to choose the right type of houseplants. In this case, choose houseplants that are easy to maintain. Choose houseplants that do not need to be watered every day and have a good adaptability. As the four easy-care houseplants for the following interior space, with a simple treatment process, a plant has been able to decorate the house.

indoor houseplants

houseplants that have habitat in arid regions has the ability to store water supplies. By doing so, the cactus does not need to be watered every day, at least with a water spray bottle to spray one or two times a week. Avoid damp, cactus can be removed or aerated every three days. Cactus also do not have to always be exposed to sunlight because if excessive cactus can be burned or browned. Cactus has a variety of sizes, but generally not too big. In addition, the cactus may also have interest so that colors can further enhance the interior space.

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Tongue-in-law or Sansevieria can be a great option for the room. In addition to easy-care, these houseplants have the ability to absorb toxic substances. Tongue-in-law can survive in conditions of lack of water and light, or in other words you will not be difficult to maintain. At least, flush and remove the houseplants once a week.


One famous example is a succulent plant cactus. However, not all cacti are succulents. Succulent has a variety of family, but certainly this plant is resistant to drought because of the stems, leaves and roots have a network that is capable of storing water. Many tiny size so as to sweeten the whole table or space. Succulent is also widely used for a terrarium and how it can be an interesting idea to put the houseplants in space.


This plant can be the right choice for anyone who does not want to be bothered with Tillandsia ground because it does not require the planting medium. Food comes from the air and therefore also often referred to as a water plant. Tillandsia have a variety of types and generally small. This plant can be placed outside the pot, hung, or be complementary terrarium.

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