Some Effective Ways Reduce Noise in Open Space

Some Effective Ways Reduce Noise in Open Space. The room is open or open-plan spaces can usually be identified from merger of two or more rooms. For example, a family room together with dining room. In practice, this open space has many advantages for the lives of families who inhabit the house.

For example, open space increases the opportunity to bring a lot of natural light into the house and seem more spacious. However, the negative side, the open space could end up being very noisy. However, you need not worry. Because, there are some easy ways to reduce the sound travels with the addition of a few keys on your furniture.

There are also structural changes that can be pursued if you want to improve stronger.

Some Effective Ways Reduce Noise in Open Space

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First, Curtain – large areas of glass, like windows and glass doors, can act as a sound reflector so impressed noisy. The curtains will help eliminate the noise. A thin cloth can work well mainly because it will not completely block light or sight. To mute the maximum, curtains work better than window blinds, because there are a lot of fabric used.

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Second, Carpets – Another way to remove noise is by covering the hard floor with carpet. For example, the use of carpet in the living room to minimize noise and help define a seating area, thus making the room feel more intimate. When using especially thick carpet, the better the sound barrier.

Third, Splitting the room – If you can, try to break up the open space you to create a particular zone. This method also helps reduce noise. For example, by making the dividing wall that was not full so it does not seem cramped and maintaining open space.

Fourth, storage walls – walls paneled in the middle of the large room, for example, could serve to separate the kitchen from the living room. Such features can be equipped with a shelf or table with some decoration on it.

Fifth, wall panels – Hard surfaces are large and flat can amplify sound, so that adds texture will help to reduce these effects. By coating one of your walls with wood, not only creates an attractive feature, but this panel also works as a silencer. How simple can also be done on the floor instead.

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Sixth, Texture Ceiling – Just like walls, ceilings and spacious great will encourage the spread of sound. So, try adding a textured surface there too.

Seventh, panel fabrics – If the timber does not suit your style, consider one wall surrounds you with some form of acoustic material. Padded fabric panels very effectively muffle the sound. You can also buy shelving system with acoustic panels, which can be easily installed.

Eighth, soft floor – hard floor surfaces, such as tile, less than ideal if you want to control noise. So, consider something like linoleum, durable and practical especially in the kitchen. This material is also soft underfoot, which means it will absorb noise and noisy when cooking.

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