Some kinds of floor coatings home

Some kinds of floor coatings home. Ceramic is a type of flooring that is very commonly used in homes. Tiles and ceramics is a kind of floor coating that is commonly used in homes. As the development of interior design, it turns more and more popping variety of floor coatings that are increasingly support the appearance of the interior. Want to know more? Here it is his review.

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Ceramic Floor

After the floor tiles, ceramic increasingly popular to use as a floor coating material because the surface is cool. Usually ceramic used has a plain white color. But there is also another patterned and colored.

Not only for the interior of the house, the ceramic can also be used for exterior as well as a garage and a garden. Of course, each different surface material. To use a smooth interior, while the exterior of the house is more coarse texture.

Floor Plaster

Actually the plaster floor also has a very commonly used in traditional houses. After being replaced by tiles and ceramics, plaster floors are now back in vogue because it presents a stunning look.

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The application is very easy and relatively inexpensive because the material used is very simple, cement and sand only. Polished plaster floor in such a manner until very soft and shiny. Results shown are very elegant.

Wood Floor

There are two types of wood floors are often used for homes are parquet and laminate. Parquet made of solid wood original and applied like putting a puzzle on the surface of the floor of the house. Meanwhile, types of laminates made from processed wood surface is the result of printing.

Both types of flooring are certainly different. Laminate floors are usually very interested in people because the end result looks like real wood, but the price is relatively more affordable.

Floor Carpet

The houses are rarely enough to apply this type of floor because the treatment is quite difficult. Even so, the use of carpet flooring coatings can make a room of the house to be comfortable and warm, you know! Additionally, you who have children would not worry if the baby will hit the hard floor.

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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is an inexpensive solution for those who want the feel different at home instantly. This floor is applied by means affixed to the floor, like a sticker. Vinyl material is very strong, fireproof and water, so it is widely used by people.


The marble floor has a very strong resistance and also the ability to cool the room. It looks very elegant with a distinctive color and motifs and patterns vary.

In addition to marble, granite have the same feel, but more interesting. The color is darker causing the mysterious appearance as well as luxurious.

Second floor coating material has a price that is relatively more expensive than others. That’s because both come from natural rocks which are processed in such a way so it looks shiny and pretty.

Whatever material you choose, do not forget that the floor coating must be safe, strong, durable, moisture resistant and easy to clean. Congratulations choose.

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