Split House Style

Split House Style. The house style is a form of split design house founded in the vast land, and in it there are two houses with adjacent design. The house in the style of this split is usually built with a design concept or lined up against each other. a glimpse of the home to the stylish design of this split will look like split, the designs are very unique and modern.

Split House Style

Split House Style

Split House Style

But there are some things that need to be considered, the following things are fundamental in the use of home design style of this split:

1. In terms of land area

When you decide to make a home with a split model, then you need to think about first is the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLand. Why ? because the house requires a split of land large enough, so the above can be built a house with conditions such as split in two.

2. Judging from the condition of the land

Make sure the soil has good soil quality, because the house split can not be built on land that is unstable, it could lead to the house to be easily damaged or the soil may stir continuously can lead easily cracked house walls.

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3. In terms of building materials

You have to make sure the building materials used are of good quality and in accordance with the design and weather. Are you going to use wood or brick. Building materials determine the final outcome of this split house. If overseas to different weather often using materials from cement and bricks, even the wall is much more robust due to the winter. Different again to those who live in the country by spring, they would be more comfortable to stay at home split with the basic materials of wood and brick.

4. Judging from Design House

Furthermore, you as a homeowner should be able to determine the design of the house in accordance with your wishes and family. There are several kinds of designs split the existing house. For example, the minimalist shape, dwarf forms such as mini house and there is also a very large are often built by those who have a large family. Determination design for both interior and exterior very important that you split the house look attractive and comfortable.

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