Creative and unique table lamps designer from waste gas pipe

Creative and unique table lamps designer from waste gas pipe. Successful waste recycle old bikes, re-create the waste that successfully transformed  into the interior of the product as well as objects of art (artwork) exotic. This time Andre recycle pipe and fitting gas installations former home.

Waste-based metal is indeed famous durable and flexible to be reprocessed. In the design process, must learn first about what are the potential environmental, eg rice fields and factories located around his garage turns leaving waste in the form of a gas pipeline and cutting machines. Then, the materials collected and sorted again according to the design concept.

table lamps designer

The pipes in the former without connection (seamless) material carbon steel with a minimum thickness of 4 mm are typically used in gas installations for residential or commercial, for instance pipe fittings were selected along with knee and elbow. Pipes cut to the size and shape desired, then strung together to form a table lamp and equipped with a bulb.

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Meanwhile, special tools become ornament decoration, ranging from a gas appliance meter (regulator) to lower the gas pressure, pressure gauge pointer pressure, the control panel to cut off electricity in the event of a leak to the control valve (gate valve) to open / close the flow of gas , which confirms the industrial characteristics on the lamp.

Experimenting with machine parts factory bygone era, such as grinding machines are in good condition to produce authentic. Furthermore, the product is welded so that no parts are easily dislodged, sharp or harmful when used. Inspiring.

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