The Charm Royal Botanic Garden in City Melbourne

The Charm Royal Botanic Garden in City Melbourne. Being in the center of Melbourne, Royal Botanic Garden offers a fresh atmosphere for visitors to relax.

In this forest park, visitors can not only see the collections of plants but also a variety of activities.

Call it the start of a picnic, learn about various plants, know the culture of the Aborigines, to the film in the open air in the summer.

Royal Botanic Garden was built in 1846. You can find more than 50 species of plants from around the world, including from Indonesia. The total area of This park of 368 hectares.

The Charm Royal Botanic Garden in City Melbourne

Royal Botanic Garden became one of the popular destinations in downtown Melbourne. The number of visitors per year could reach about 1.5 million people.

If you want to see the collection of plants from Asia and tropical countries, can visit the greenhouse. Greenhouses have air conditioning so that the plants remain as is in the original habitat conditions, even during the winter in Melbourne.

Aurum Titan plant, or corpse flower, representing the Indonesian state in the collection at the greenhouse.

“Plants are the most famous here the name Titan Aurum [corpse flower], a giant flower plants flowering only seven years,” said Professor Tim Entwise, Executive Director of the Royal Botanical Garden.

One area that can be visited while in the Royal Botanic Garden or Guilfoyle’s Volcano. In this place, there are a lot of kinds of cacti, looking pretty views over the city of Melbourne.