Make Tiny Kitchen Looks Wider

Make Tiny Kitchen Looks Wider. Everyone, especially those who love cooking, definitely want a spacious kitchen. However, the reality is not necessarily always the case. Many of the tiny kitchen found in many homes or apartments. Even so, no need to worry because the small kitchen can look and feel more spacious. Tips to make a small kitchen look more spacious it does not fully make the kitchen bigger. However, through this way at least the kitchen at home can be more roomy and comfortable.

Tiny Kitchen

Cat Kitchen with Color Light

To avoid the impression of a narrow and small, do not paint the kitchen with dark colors. Instead, choose bright colors, such as white or blue to create the impression of spacious and airy. The color should also be applied to the whole part of the kitchen, such as a wall, the color of the cabinet, or back splash. Try to create a little contrast in the display kitchen.

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Change Design and Color in Kitchen Cabinet

The Cabinet also should not be dark. It would be better if equate the color of the cabinet with the wall color. Cabinet can also be designed with the concept of open storage to create an impression of space. If not, select or replace the cabinet doors with glass. Glass can show the contents of the cabinet and at the same time giving the impression of a larger kitchen area.

Move your eyes to the Top view Kitchen

Creating a higher ceiling kitchen can also be a way to create the impression in the kitchen area. The impression can be obtained by directing the eye to the side of the kitchen ceiling. How, can choose or applying a pattern of vertical lines on the wall or place objects on top of the cabinet.

Ensure Kitchen Got Light

Light, whether it’s natural light and lighting of the lamp, can make a small kitchen look more spacious. The light can also remove the impression stuffy or cramped in the kitchen. Therefore, try to have a window in the kitchen so that sunlight can enter during the day. If there are no windows, skylights can also be an option. As for the evenings, in addition to general lighting, the kitchen can be equipped with task lighting or ambient lighting.

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Choose furniture with Slim Design

The furniture in the tiny kitchen probably will not be much, but if you want to add furniture, you should select furniture with simple design and slim. Choose the island small table with chairs slim. Furniture design as it still allows people to see the floor or wall so that it does not feel too cramped kitchen.

Always Clean and Tidy Kitchen

A small kitchen can feel more cramped when the parts were packed with goods that are not needed. In addition, these items let messy impression. Therefore, try to always clean and tidy up the kitchen of any junk food or items that are not used.

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