Tips For Bathroom Clean and Comfortable

Tips For Bathroom Clean and Comfortable. how to clean the bathroom step by step? a lot we have to do to clean the bathroom. and there is an easy way quickly and efficiently. Clean bathrooms reflect whether or not the owner, because the bathroom is the most private area in your home.

For the bathroom in the house must be kept clean.

The bathrooms were clean will make you and your family feel comfortable.

Here are tips for your bathroom comfortable to wear every day.

Tips For Bathroom Clean and Comfortable

Clean Routine

Do not let your bathroom is dirty and moldy.

Clean floors, walls, tub, sink, bath tub, and toilet regularly.

The bathroom included inside the house most bacteria.

Germs in it can cause diseases for the occupants of the house.

If unused, wasting bottles of your bath products such as shampoos and others.

Use Storage

If you use the bathroom basin to collect water, make sure not to put your toiletries such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste on the edge of the tub.

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In addition to avoiding these objects easily fall, this also avoids the foam of the equipment into the water in the tub and could make bath water becomes contaminated and turbid fast.

Keep it in storage so neatly, place it in an area that is easily accessible.

Equate Container Equipment

You can homogenize the container toiletries you to look similar and more concise.

For example, such container and container washing liquid hand soap.

In addition to facilitate the arrangement, your bathroom will look neat and clean.

position Toilet

Position the toilet near the sink so when after using the toilet, you are easy to wash hands.

If the wet and dry areas are in one room bathroom, keep wet areas such as tub and shower door so the floor is not slippery area.

Unique Design on Wall

You can make the bathroom more comfortable with an attractive wall display.

Cat with interesting color or wallpaper paste and unique artwork for the bathroom was not impressed bleak.

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Trash Closed

Use a garbage lid so that the bathroom does not look cluttered.

If you’ve filled empty the trash and wash thoroughly.

So that users do not need to be exposed to direct contact when they want to take out the garbage, use a garbage pedal to open the lid.

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