Tips Caring for Roof Garden

Tips Caring for Roof Garden

Fertilizer and Irrigation

Planting medium or soil layer is applied to the roof garden is fairly thin because it is intended to minimize the weight imposed on the rooftop. So, often the plants so the nutritional deficiencies that need additional fertilizer. You should routinely provide the kind of fertilizer easily biodegradable, from one point to another on the roof garden. When you are on the roof garden roof with a steep slope, most likely rainwater quickly wasted before actually absorbed by the soil. For that, you have to create an irrigation system where water is removed little by little, but in a period of routine. This is to prevent water from pooling on the soil surface due to slow absorption.

Tips Caring for Roof Garden


Although the roof garden plants grow more slowly than the park in general, does not mean you do not need pruning. You still have to make sure your plants free from weeds. Trimming the ends of the plants are getting old and withered also needed for optimum nutrient absorption.

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Layer Membrane

In manufacturing, the roof garden is always equipped with a membrane layer that keeps water out of the ground is not wet the surface of the roof of the building. It’s good membrane layer is checked periodically and alternately from one plot to another plot in the roof garden.


Enough sunlight, irrigation awake, and plants maintained certainly makes roof garden land so enticing to insect pests or rodents. Check the signs of pests, for example, leaves that are not intact, animal droppings, or nests. Clean regularly to prevent the spread or use disinfectant.

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