Tricks Change Furniture Classical look more attractive

Tricks Change Furniture Classical look more attractive. Furniture, accessories Classic European-style synonymous with a luxurious and timeless (timeless).

So do not be surprised if up to now, the classic European style is still the main choice for interior design, either in residential or commercial buildings.

Unfortunately, this design does not fit the style applied to residential with limited area.

Sized furniture tend to be large (bulky) and full details of ornament in the form of carving this will only make the room look more cramped and claustrophobic.

Tricks Change Furniture Classical look more attractive

Tricks Change Furniture Classical look more attractive

Designers Loliza Grislain of Stelo Home turned out to have a better way to change the look of classical European-style furniture seem lighter and modern.

Finishing Colored and White Wash

Feature classic European style furniture such as a curved shape of the arms and legs were maintained.

What is different is no longer polished wood finishing with shiny brown color, but allowed to doff to accentuate the beauty of the wood fiber.

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Meanwhile, some piece of furniture painted in bright colors in order to become a fresh accent.

Another alternative is to give finishing white wash on the surface of the wood that has been open pore treatment so that the texture is rough.

Accents deep buttoned

Other particularities of classical European-style furniture is decorative ornaments, including a row of buttons / deep button that is usually mounted on the seat back of the seat.

This detail is still used in the design of new furniture, even applied to the other furniture in the form of an extra seat and a row of buttons lining the cabinet door.

The difference, fabric upholstery and buttons are no longer leather, cotton or linen cloth instead of pastel colored so that is easier to maintain and modern impression.

Upholstery Linen And Denim

Another unique approach is to apply linen, cotton, and denim as a skin substitute that usually coats the armchair or sofa classic European style.

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This choice directly change the image of the furniture which was initially heavily so memorable comfortable, close to the daily activities, and can be used for official activities or leisure activities.

In addition to its soft texture, ivory white in linen and blue denim harmonious with wood finishing.

Loliza also seeks to give a distinctive touch of Indonesia on the interior which is dominated by an eclectic style that is by applying the belt motif on fabric upholstery stool.

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