Types of an Apartment

When planning to buy an apartment and do a survey, you will certainly hear the term types of units offered developers. If a studio type of course you are already familiar, but have heard other apartment types that are not familiar to your ears?

Eg type loft, not all people understand what it means, right. There is also a Junior 4, which increasingly you get the point. To answer your question, here’s some type of apartments are often offered.

Types of an Apartment


At first glance it looks like an attic. This apartment has a high ceiling because there is additional space as mezanine area. Around half the floor is what is called the loft and tend to be used as a bedroom.

This apartment-type middle hits in several cities of the world because it is considered to have good air circulation-because of large windows.


This type is definitely the most frequently heard. These spacious apartments are usually no more than 18-20 square meters and parts of it already includes the room and bathroom. At first glance like a simple hotel room.

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The extent of almost the same as the studio is about 19 square meters. However, L-shaped alcove, where a small portion is used as a bedroom. Usually called a half room.


The apartments of this type is a way to combine the owner of the room and the living room and walled is also used as a place to store the goods.

Usually the middle of this wall placed TV that juts into the wall and the TV can be inverted to face the living room or the bedroom. Living room can be converted into a kitchen at any time by changing the coffee table into a dining table.

Junior 1 Bedroom

The size is slightly larger than the studio. If the studio entirely incorporated into a single, junior 1 still has a partition between the bedroom and the kitchen.

Junior 4

Not that there are four bedrooms, but the interior of this apartment covers a living room, a kitchen fruit, one bedrooms and one bedroom narrower and usually converted into the other room as a workspace.

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Two bedroom

Spacious apartment slightly larger than junior 4, because there are two bedrooms are the same size large, or only slightly different. Then there were the kitchen and the living room.

Duplex and Triplex

Namely, the multilevel apartment, so at first glance like a home stay. The second floor and three only used as rooms.

Classic six

In Europe and the US, this type of apartments built in the building who are already old but still very sturdy. It has three bedrooms, a spacious office, as well as the kitchen is quite large.

The location of these apartments tend to be located in a popular area, for example, if in New York, this apartment is located on the Upper East Side.

Garden apartment

This term applies to two types of apartments. First, this apartment overlooks the garden. Second, is the type of apartments located in the basement so that the window is lower than the yard.

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