Utilizing vacant land around the house as a garden

Utilizing vacant land around the house as a garden. The rest of the limited size of the vacant land is behind the house should not be ignored. Despite already has a park in front of the house, but by no means an empty space can not be designed in such a way.

Benefits alias park green space in the house is a good effect for the occupants psychological level. Parks are believed to change the negative energy due to the daily routine of monotonous into positive energy.

In fact, according to research, the park is also great for someone who rarely left the house.

Utilizing vacant land around the house as a garden

No matter whether the park has adequate or even tend to narrow. Do not get discouraged, even small gardens can be arranged as beautiful as possible and full of style with a personal touch.

Keep in mind that the small garden like an oasis to give their lives for the spaces in the house.

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The main point to keep in mind in designing minimalist garden is to understand that you are creating refreshing space that is just a step away from the house.

Next, think about the overall look you want presented in the park, color schemes, materials, as well as a number of characters of plants that will be used.

Clean the area

The next step which is to clean the rest of the vacant lots of unused furniture or trash. Not only able to provide better air circulation, it also gives you the opportunity to have a larger garden area beyond what people expect.

Buy plants as characters

Do not let the plants purchased died needlessly as a result you do not have time to take care of him. If so, you should look for plants that do not require special attention such as iris, tongue-in-law, frangipani, suppliers, ferns, bromeliads, and a variety of aquatic plants.

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Some plants are well-known strong enough and do not require intensive care.

Give convenient spot

After calculate with certainty the amount of area of The park and divide it into several areas, it is time to create a comfortable spot in it.

It is defined as an area where you and your family members can sit back and relax while enjoying the green leaves and fresh air. Inevitably, you will not only have a green space in the house but the picnic area at the time off.

In order to beautify this cozy corner, add ornaments from material that is resistant to weather the rain and sunshine. Examples of natural materials of wood, bamboo, natural rock, or parapet covered with vines.

Finish with perfection

To liven up the park, there is no harm in leaving little space for fishponds with shower. Especially if you are lovers of birds, hanging three or four cages of pet birds.

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