Various Aspects of Use Marble House

Various Aspects of Use Marble House. Marble would have a very well-known by the public. These rocks are formed through pressure and heat, as well as through a lengthy process to be presented in the house.

Marble is mined in large pieces and then cut, honed, polished to a shine.

Afterward, the marble can be found on floors, walls, or in any number of furniture.

Selection of marble would be based on many considerations, especially the excess assets.

However, the marble also has shortcomings; some people do not even want to wear them for fear when maintenance will be difficult.

Various Aspects of Use Marble House

Various Aspects of Use Marble House

What are the advantages and disadvantages of marble? How do I take care of him? Here’s the explanation.


What is imagined when he heard the marble? So true. Of course, the impression of luxury and elegance.

With a variety of types, patterns and motifs, marble is able to add value to a dwelling.

This impression is supported by its nature is not easy to heat so the room with cold air tends marble cover and cool.

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In addition, the marble is more durable than the ceramic so that it can save money for a house.

This is because the formation that occurs in nature. One of the benefits also of marble is generally coated scratch.

Therefore, no need to fear when the light scratches, as scratches pets will spoil the look of marble in the house.


Marble including premises material prices were quite expensive.

Especially when wanting a special form.

However, it is certainly comparable to the quality gained.

The installation process takes time and special expertise.

In addition, marble has character slippery when wet especially after being polished.

Stains or dirt will also be difficult to remove when the marble was not given a protective coating.

If scratches or damage is serious enough, the marble will be more difficult to repair.

It takes experts to heal the damage.


First of all, place a marble on the inside of the house.

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When placed outdoors and exposed to rain or heat, salt, and other substances can reduce the sheen of marble.

Also, always remember to coat marble with a protective layer at least twice a year in order to secure marble from scratches and stains.

When the marble stains or liquid, such as milk or ink, immediately wipe it clean.

If not, the stain can be quickly absorbed into the marble.

Use a soft cloth and floor cleaning with a neutral pH. Do not forget to diligently wash the cloth to avoid coarse dust that may scratch the marble.

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