Various Games Can Be Designed in Office

Various Games Can Be Designed in Office. What is imagined as the words sounded office? Is the description of stiff and formal with white or pastel-colored space? All these shadows you will not find in the offices below.

Serious impression also seemed to disappear with their spaces that unusual at the various offices.

The room looks like what? Offices are generally filled with meeting rooms and a place for employees to work, is not it? However, the office below to add playroom, entertainment, and even exercise.

Therefore in some countries, the office is now also regarded as playgrounds for adults. Not only come to make money, but also to play and socialize with fellow workers through a fun way.

Stress and work load can indeed be reduced in the presence of such rooms. Trends in the office like this will certainly make employees more happy when you start the day. In the end, the employee’s productivity is expected to increase.

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Like what the play room? Is there one of these games in your office right now?

Various Games Can Be Designed in Office

Various Games Can Be Designed in Office

Various Games Can Be Designed in Office

Various Games Can Be Designed in Office

Various Games Can Be Designed in Office

Various Games Can Be Designed in Office

Various Games Can Be Designed in Office

Foosball Tables

Dizzy with work? Take a break for a while. However, employees in these offices to rest in a different way, namely by playing.

One game media supplied in large offices, such as Lego, Google (Netherlands), and the easy Credit is Foosball tables. A very pleasant way to relieve stress and boredom, is not it?

Mini Golf

Like golf? Google Campus and Wal-Mart Office provides a place for employees to perform their game.

Their golf course is very beneficial, not only can reduce the workload, but also the opportunity to exercise.

Pool Tables

Pool tables or billiards is a game that can be found when you visit one of these places, Google Campus and FINF Design Group Office.

An interesting idea to entertain and make employees can socialize better.

Music room

For some people, music became a part that is not forgotten in everyday life. Music is also an easy way and many have to eliminate fatigue.

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The reason perhaps that’s what makes Google Campus designed it as one space there. If there is a media game and now a music room, not imagined how pleasant the atmosphere of the place?


When did you last play of the slide? In this office, AWeber Communications’ Headquarters, Box Offices, and Lego, employees can skate every day.

Slides The even is one important part of the office because it can connect each floor.


The swing becomes the seat once the media to play in the following offices, Red bull Office, easy Credit, and The Google Office.

Not only that, the presence of the swing can be a beautiful decoration in the middle of the room.

Table tennis

There are many game media that can be presented at the office, as designed at Headquarters and Vic Super Work space Sound Cloud below.

Both offices are providing media to play table tennis or table tennis to employees. While playing, stress is reduced and the body can exercise.

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