Ingredients to make a vertical gardening system

Ingredients to make a vertical gardening system. Land and yards are limited makes people can not cultivate or simply grow plants at home. However, it is no longer a big problem because now to realize the desire to cultivate at home can design a vertical garden. When the term “garden” is too broad for your small house, this can be considered as an alternative to enliven a house with green plants.

Called vertical because in this way the plants are not placed or planted in the ground, but in pots and in hanging or placed on the top side of the house, such as a wall. The vertical garden is not only applicable to the inner wall of the porch or yard, but also in the home, such as in the kitchen, living room, or part of any man in the house to be desired.

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Either on the patio, and inside the house, plants were usually hung with pots, which are usually small in size, or use a wood panel to put some pots were planted. With these panels, the arrangement of pots can be neater and zoom on the wall can look more beautiful and blend with the interior.

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In addition to wood panels, there are a lot of containers or media that can be used to put the pots of plants. Anything? Some object easily found around us and if not there, objects or secondhand furniture can also be utilized. Do not believe? You can use these objects to design seven vertical garden at home!

  1. Pipe
  2. Wire
  3. Used furniture
  4. Rope
  5. Wood panels
  6. fabric Storage
  7. Wooden trellises

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