Why damp walls but no leakage?

Why damp walls but no leakage?. One of the problems that often occur in the walls are damp. Many things can cause humidity levels to rise walls. One is a leak. The leak could occur on the roof which then seeps into the wall. However, what if the leak has been repaired but still damp walls?

There are still other causes of damp walls. The composition of plaster and polish the good can not be the reason. In the bathrooms, and exterior walls, which used different gloss polish on the interior walls. Mortar for plastering walls in the area called “Trasram”. Composition “Trasram” make the walls more resistant to water.

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However, if the composition is right and position of damp walls not occur in these areas, there are other causes. The cause is a high groundwater level.

The wall that goes into the soil is always covered by “Trasram”. However, sometimes, the water level is very high making the water to seep into the walls.

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The water content in the soil itself changeable and not always the same, regardless of closely spaced. If the moisture is coming from the land, improvements you can do is to coat your walls with waterproofing.

So, to fix a damp wall, is well know in advance what the cause. Because of improvements would be optimal if you know the cause of the damage.

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