Why Participate Great Location on Property Prices?

Why Participate Great Location on Property Prices. Ask friends or relatives about the most important factors that you should consider when buying a home. One of the answers they must mention the location.

Experienced real estate agent will also suggest you buy a house with less good physical condition in a charming location, rather than dwelling on the beautiful location that is not important.

The reason, the houses repaired at a nice location certainly easier to sell and has a higher price.

Why Participate Great Location on Property Prices

If location, location, location is very important in the selection of the property, if that makes a site is considered important? This is the answer to the experts:


Research revealed that 74 percent of home buyers consider safety factors, after the location (89 percent) and financial capabilities (78 percent). The location has a good safety record certainly make a lot more confident consumers to select it.

Everyone wants to live in an environment that is safe and secure, so the whole family can be free to move outside the home. Not surprisingly, most of today’s housing is already equipped with one gate system, a team of security and safety equipment such as CCTV, to support environmental security.

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Easy access to public transportation

After security, society puts easy access to public transportation in the fourth (69 percent).

Nowadays people no longer consider the distance to the workplace or public facility from home. It takes a major factor. And public transportation, such as commuter line, offering travel time is more certain than other vehicles because jam free.

Estates are located near stations is currently targeted by the prospective buyer.

Close to schools

The majority of home seekers are those who are first time home buyers, including a new family. Generally, they consider housing close to good schools.

If the area is close to the favorite schools, most likely the price of housing in locations that would boost ..

Easy access to the business center, shopping

Brochures housing often mention easy access to malls and shopping centers as featured. The reason is, people can get a variety of daily and monthly needs of the shopping center.

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In coastal areas, residential, located closer to the beach has a higher selling price. Similarly, the occupancy close to the business center.

For consumers who are currently trying to have a dream house, warned that research is the key to finding the best location.

Users can initiate research on the location and the housing of the Review website presents the property expert reviews of the property from an objective, in-depth and professional.

Our review reveals various things that may not be submitted by the developer to the consumer, example an accurate mileage from the housing to the business center or the toll booth. The review also displays the nearest school, transportation to the hospital closest to the housing we reviewed.

Not Just Location

Consumers are not only quite focused on location. The architectural style that carried too influential. Modern-minimalist concept now still be the target and easily absorbed by the market.

Finishing neat, classy design, especially created by renowned architect can help increase the selling price. This form promotional content is good, right? Good design, good price.

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Omar also warned that the road conditions also influence the selling price of occupancy.

The house is the entrance for two cars loaded with only one car is definitely much different price.

You should also consider the road in front of the house. If only fit one car, this could potentially cause a stir with neighbors who often parked haphazardly.

Is Smart Home concept also affects the interests of the buyer? Apparently not.

Basically, consumers prefer dwelling located in a beautiful environment, homey nuance, and is in the area that has been awakened. Rather than WiFi in the house, they tend to consider the atmosphere.

Credibility developer, also affect the high price of the house. The assumption, consumers are inclined to trust the developer large or well-known, which is considered a commitment and a great responsibility to be the project.

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