Why should the design concept Compact House?

Why should the design concept Compact House? The more limited the amount of land in Indonesia inevitably make people difficulty obtaining occupancy. It became a separate demand for architects and interior designers to design appropriate housing on land that is limited or fairly petite. Thus, the concept of the compact house was a perfect solution for this problem of limited land.

Compact house concept can be defined as a concept design of the dwellings in which the priority scale is the main spaces are needed most. For example, a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and family room. Extra space is only based on the primary needs, so that land use be maximized.

design concept Compact House

Zoning which refers to the concept of apartments is clearly visible on every floor in the house. Just like entering the apartment, you will immediately see service zones. That is what appears on the first floor of the house, a kitchen, laundry-drying area, and the area of The transition to the next floor.

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On the second floor then seen the main spaces are still public zones, namely the family room, dining room, and the door to the children’s room and a bathroom. While the third floor is intended for the most private zone, which is the main bedroom.

Do not stop there, the concept of the compact house also increasingly asserted through optimization of the storage area. Any home definitely needs a lot of storage area. Especially at home is relatively small, the storage area should be optimized in order that the goods do not seem to fill the room. Therefore, utilizing every space remaining to be processed into a built-in closet.

From under the bottom of the stairs, the ceiling above the bed, to the side walls are not symmetrical because it follows the slope of the land, be neat and functional due to added built-in wardrobes.

For the concept of color, the color white was dominant in each room. Not just follow the trend of minimalism, the application of the dominant white color is intended also to help refract light to the interior of the house. The results were quite effective, during the day natural light from a window on the front side of the building so the maximum illuminate each floor. And, because the building facing south, the sun that were not made part of the house so hot. To avoid the impression of monotony, some elements of gray-colored room and wood materials so accentuation light.

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Through the construction of this house, I want to prove that on an area of 60 m² can be built house area of 130 m² of space that meets all the needs of its inhabitants. In fact, there is little remaining land as a garage and patio. It can not be obtained on the type of apartment occupancy. Because amazed at the results of his own design, one of the two houses in the divided land he bought for his family inhabited together.

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