Window without Trellis, Is it safe?

Window without Trellis, Is it safe? Has a large window at home is generally a dream of many people.

Moreover, if the scenery outside your home is very beautiful and big windows are not installed trellis that interferes with vision.

Especially if the glass is becoming a wall, landscape views of course more interesting.

However, it has large windows without bars certainly have risks, because many cases of theft due to the thief entered the house through a window.

Because the function of the trellis is as a barrier to prevent the entry of thieves.

However, you can still live safely and comfortably while using windows without bars.

window without trellis

  • Make sure its Security Housing Awake

    Large windows without bars suitable to be applied to your living in a closed or cluster housing concept.

    Cluster built around the walls are usually made of concrete or metal fence off the area from the outside functions.

    Security systems and access to the entry was tight, even equipped with CCTV.

    Access is only one gate for entry and exit.

    Each occupant has a special identification mark and the visitors or guests are requested identity.

    With security assured you are very likely to have large windows without bars.

  • Use the Right Type Glass

    Large windows without bars typically use glass die (fixed window), which can not be opened, and its function is not to vent the air but only transmit light from outside to inside the house.

    Select the type of glass that is strong and not easily broken to minimize the possibility of a thief entered by breaking the glass.

    Glass that can be selected includes tempered glass and laminated glass. Tempered glass has a resistance to pressure, collision and temperature changes 3-5 times higher than ordinary glass.

    The glass is also commonly used for frameless doors and walls.

    While laminated glass, the two sheets of glass held together by one or more sheets of transparent polyvinyl films that have a strong enough resistance which makes it difficult to crack and break.

  • Wear Alarm Systems

    For those of you who already have an alarm system that monitors the area in and outdoors, increase security by glass break detection sensors.

    This alarm will notify you when there is broken glass.

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